I am very proud to present the famous "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to you, in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page. I think you have done an outstanding job on your site!
This award has been redesigned for the new millennium and I am sure you will be proud to display it on your page!
Your site will join the exclusive WINNERS LIST shortly.
Linda a.k.a The Orchid Lady (27/July/2002)
Wow...... I just visited your site and had a fun time. Here is my Top Hat award for you! You sure have some interesting things on your lunch menu! Have fun! Kristian. (22/July/2002)

Hi :)
Attached is your award! Thanks for applying. I enjoyed your site very much! As you can see, we have moved and we now have all new awards. :)

PLEASE accept my humble apologzies! In my haste in trying to get caught up with issuing my awards, I didn't personalize your award and didn't resize it either.
Here is the proper award.. and again.. I am truly sorry.

Sincerely Lady Peaches (21/July/2002)

Your site has proved to be eligible for a 'Best Site to Visit' Award.
That means we have looked at your site and are both (jasper and owner) very
exited about the site index and it's information.

Jasper (and owner Jolanda) (19/July/2002)

Congratulations! After receiving your application through the Mom's Network Award Emporium, we have just approved your site for the Wings  award.
Your website has also been reviewed and accepted to win the "Sonshine" Site Award from!

The Zilinsky Family


Congratulations you won my award! After visiting your wonderful site, I am pleased to give you my Award! You truly deserve it and keep up the great work! :)


Sorry it's taken me so long but I have just reviewed your website and Congratulations, you have won the 'Heaven's Garden Excellent Site Gold Award'.

You have obviously put a lot of time, care and effort into producing your site and it was a pleasure to visit. It was also very interesting, easy to get around and well laid out.

Joanne Cook (Heaven's Garden) (10/July/2002

Hello and congratulations,

Your site has been chosen to receive the Ever Eden Design
Golden Apple Award. (5/July/2002)
21st July 2003

Thanks for inviting me to view your website.
I enjoyed my visit and am pleased to offer you my "Excellence Award".

Thanks again for applying, I enjoyed visiting your site!

30th August 2003