Pupils may think that the speed at which they read cannot be increased; therefore, they will be impressed with the following alternative techniques for increasing the pace of reading:

Before you start reading, quickly survey the text to get a general idea of what you will be covering and the type of writing.

The Hand – Simply place the right hand on the page and slowly move it straight down, drawing your eyes down as you read. Keep an even, slow motion, as if the right hand has it’s own ‘mind’. Keep the movement slow and easy. Only do it once per page. Left-handers should use their left hand as the pacing hand.

The Card – Use a card above the line of print to block the words after you read them. Draw it down the page slowly and evenly and try to read the passage before you cover the words. This helps to break the habit of reading a passage repeatedly, by making you pay more attention the first time. Move the card faster than you think you can go. Slide the card down once per page.

The Sweep – Use your hand to help draw your eyes across the page. Slightly cup your right hand, with your fingers together. With a light and smooth motion, sweep your fingers from left to right, underlining the line with the tip of your tallest finger. Imagine that you are dusting off salt from the page.