Youíve spent 11 years of your life at school so a few months of well planned revision is a small price to pay for your future success.

An odd hour here and there is not enough. You need to keep to both your long term and weekly revision timetables.

Make sure you donít just revise the subjects and topics you like. Work on your weaker ones as well.

Make your own revision notes because you will remember what you have written down more easily. Stick keynotes to cupboard or doors so you see them everyday.

Rewrite the key points of your revision notes, read them out loud to yourself. We remember more than twice as much of what we say than of what we read.

Use different techniques; Make your own learning maps, use post it notes to write key words on, create flash cards, record your notes on tape and play them back on your personal stereo/Walkman. Ask friends and family to test you. Chant or make up a rap song.

Practice on past exam papers or revision tests available on the web (see page 19). Initially do one section at a time and progress to completing an entire paper against the clock.

You will need help at some stage; ask parents, older brothers/sisters, teachers or friends. If there is a teacher with whom you get on well at school, ask for their email address so you can clarify points you are unsure of whilst on study leave.

Donít get stressed out! Eat properly and get lots of sleep!

Believe in yourself and be positive. If you think you can succeed you will; if you convince yourself that you will fail, thatís what will probably happen.