Lower and Middle School

Blazer: black with school badge;
Trousers: dark grey or black trousers;
Shirt: white shirt;
Socks: of any dark colour (white or luminous not allowed);
Tie: a school tie (Lower or Middle School Tie as appropriate);
Pullover: (if worn) must be grey and V-necked;
Shoes: black (trainers or boots of any description may not be worn as normal footwear);
Also needed:
Reversible school football jersey;
Navy blue shorts;
School football socks (wool or nylon);
Football boots;
Plimsolls (for gym)
Trainers (for cross country);
White socks for gym;
Athletic vest of appropriate House colour;
Shower towel;
School Track Suit or Navy Blue Track Suit.



Upper School

Shoes: black, grey, brown or navy blue. Trainers may not be worn as normal footwear.
Trousers: smart trousers or formal suit. No jeans of any kind.
Shirt: white or light coloured, plain or striped. No sports shirts.
Tie: a school tie or a personal tie of a discreet colour and pattern. A tie must be worn with a V-necked pullover.
Pullover: of subdued colour or a school pullover, navy blue with crest, obtainable through the school.
Jacket: black blazer or one matching the trousers to form a suit or one of a subdued colour of a cut similar to a school blazer.

Ear rings, nose rings and other forms of facial jewellery are not permitted.

Hair is to be of one natural colour. No extreme styles will be accepted. Please check with the school beforehand if necessary