The School has high expectations of its members in terms of behaviour, work, dress and care of its environment. These standards are set out in a document which is given to each boy. The following is an extract which picks out the most important points.

The School expects you to observe certain standards in your life in school, both in your work and in your more general dealings with the school community. They are high standards, but they are the standards you must live up to if you are to fulfil the school’s aims for you.

i) Behaviour: we expect you to behave in a way which reflects the fact that, as you grow up, you should show greater maturity and self-discipline and an increasing desire to be a co-operative and participating member of the school community. We expect you to try to understand other people's point of view, and to remain polite even if angry. In particular:
- physical violence, abusive language or references to a person's appearance or race are intolerable and call for immediate sanction
- swearing is unacceptable
- a high degree of consideration for and courtesy towards others should be observed. This means, for example, the use of 'please' and 'thank you'; it means being ready to help others by opening doors or standing back to let them pass
- interference with other people's property, including food, will not be tolerated

ii) Work: we expect your work to be submitted on time and to reflect the highest standard of which you are capable. You are expected to listen carefully, follow instructions, help other people in your class where appropriate and be quiet and sensible at all times.

iii) Dress: you are expected to remember that the School's reputation depends on the way you behave and dress.

iv) Care of the school environment: we expect you to keep the School clean and tidy and make it a welcoming place of which we can all be proud.

v) Movement: you are expected to move gently and quietly about the School.

vi) Attendance: you are expected to make every effort to arrive at school on time every day.

vii) Assembly: it is important that your behaviour does nothing to detract from the attentive atmosphere of Assembly. You should arrive quietly and, once the organ is playing, observe silence.

viii) Dining Hall: you are expected to play your part in making meal times a pleasant break in the day’s activities.

ix) Food and drink: it is important that your consumption of food and drink does not interfere with the rest of school life or lead to litter or mess:

x) Use of School grounds: these are an immense asset to the school, but call for common sense and care in their use if you are not to cause damage to yourself, others, or school property.