By and large the standards are observed by the members of the school willingly and cheerfully. The atmosphere is one of peace and co-operation. It is, nevertheless, necessary to have strategies in place to keep boys up to the mark.

Disruptive behaviour in class can be met with a short period of exclusion from the classroom.

Repeatedly or seriously unhelpful, bad, or disruptive behaviour or a serious shortfall in effort to work may lead directly to a lunch-time or a series of lunch-time detentions, an after-school detention, monitoring through the Progress Card system, individual counselling and monitoring, or a combination of these. Depending on the gravity of the matter, the parents will or will not be involved.

As a further response, a contract of good behaviour may be formally drawn up for signing by the pupil and his parents. This will indicate the ways in which the pupilís behaviour has been found wanting and the terms which have to be adhered to.

The most serious cases can lead to internal seclusion or to exclusion from school either for a fixed period or permanently.