Head Prefect: Edward Close
Deputy Head Prefects: Jonathan Fullarton
  Darren Jarvis
  Robert McKay
  Thomas Munford

Prefects: Tom Bird, Kush Boparai, Robbie Bulmer, Ben Bulow, Matthew Bunn, David Garrett, Beau Hayden, Aaron Hobday, David Holder, Samuel Horne, James Hutchison, Alex Libby, Christopher Lucas, Paul Mulhearn, Adam Owen-Stirna, Mark Player, John Stokes, Thomas A Smith, Thomas R Smith, Peter Spratt, Nathan White, Sam Wilkie, Ronnie Yau.

To be a successful Prefect, a sixth-former has to shoulder responsibility, show leadership, and develop skills in managing others. Prefects are important role models and are expected to embody the School's values.

Members of Year 12 are invited to apply for prefectships. They write a formal letter of application and are interviewed. Staff are consulted as well.

When appointed, a Prefect takes on a demanding and challenging role in the school community. He is responsible for important aspects of the day-to-day running of the school, such as supervising the younger members of the school at Break and Lunchtime, ensuring the smooth running of school events and serving as the school's representative at public functions both in and out of school.