Modern Languages A grounding in two modern languages is given to all boys in Years 7 & 8. After that there will be optional opportunities to continue with one or two (or perhaps even three) languages (including Latin) up to GCSE. These languages can then be continued to AS and A2 levels in the Sixth Form. There is some emphasis on oral work, with much conversation practice in pairs or groups. Reading and listening start in the first term and there is, of course, written work and homework.

We have a link with the College St Pierre in Calais and reciprocal day visits start in Year 7 leading on to greater contact in Years 8 and 9. Further links with continental schools are being established for older pupils. Work Experience in Europe for the Sixth Form is arranged on occasion.

Audio visual aids are used in the classrooms as well as computer, internet and satellite TV facilities, tape recorders for independent listening work, and reading material. We use the communicative approach and insist on grammar, as within the National Framework.

A number of boys go on to do AS and A2 (A level) each year. They use their own language laboratory and their studies combine intensive language work and acquiring knowledge of present-day society and culture. The language skills developed will be of use in most careers and our students go on after A Level to study French or German with Law, Business Studies or Accounting and Economics, as well as to university courses specialising in languages.

Foreign Language Assistants work with pupils from Year 10 onwards to improve conversational skills and cultural awareness.