Life in the Lower School.

The Lower School covers Years 7, 8 and 9. It coincides with Key Stage Three of the National Curriculum. In these first three years of the school boys study a broad and balanced range of academic subjects: English, Mathematics, French, German, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Music, Latin, Information Technology, Design and Technology, Drama, Art and Design.

The school is proud of its sporting life, and activities in Physical Education include athletics, basketball, cricket, cross-country running, gymnastics, orienteering, rugby, soccer, volleyball and softball. The sporting life of the school is designed to give each pupil a chance to develop his potential, to learn about personal health and fitness and to develop teamwork skills. All pupils will have the chance to experience competition appropriate to their level by making use of House matches, school teams and, for the elite district and county trials.

All boys follow the National Curriculum towards at least ten GCSE examinations, but not all of them work at the same pace. There is setting in Mathematics from Year 8 onwards to group together students who can work at more or less the same speed. Special attention is given to those who have specific difficulties in keeping up with the curriculum and to those who have gifts which have to be developed for their full potential to be realised. The Heads of the Key Stages (Head of Admissions/Year 7 and Head of Years 8 & 9) will identify those who can benefit from such personal assistance. The Heads of Key Stages are also responsible for delivering Personal, Social and Health Education for their part of the school.