The School has a full-time professional librarian.

The curriculum demands that pupils must have access to a wide range of materials and resources.

The School Library is the central place where such a collection is kept, providing a multi-media resource centre for the whole school.
The Library is housed in some very fine rooms, which provide a dignified environment very appropriate for learning, as well as for the acquisition of the necessary skills to locate and use all forms of information for study purposes. Alongside are suitable recreational and fiction materials.

During 1999 adjacent space was absorbed as part of the Library complex providing refurbished areas for Internet Computers, Careers and Fiction stock.

Sixth Form students have continuous access to the Library for private study purposes throughout the school day. Members of the Middle and Lower School use the facilities primarily during morning and lunch breaks for research and homework with quick reference access when the need arises during lessons. The Library may also be used for pre-arranged class topic work. Each Year 7 class undertakes a programme of Library Skills induction lessons.

The Library receives a varied selection of newspapers, magazines and journals to provide further reading in support of curriculum studies.

Nine networked computers with internet and CD ROMs are housed in the Library with a selection of educational audio cassettes for research and information retrieval. A variety of resources are added each year.