How can boys join the school?

In the school year when they reach the age of 11, boys have the opportunity to take a selection test to decide which secondary school would be most appropriate. This can be a test taken at our school or a test taken in the primary school as part of the county selection procedure. You can take both if you want to. We can provide you with details of our tests. If you apply to take them you will be sent sample test papers.

If a boy is not selected, but you still feel that a grammar school education is the right choice, then you can appeal. Boys who have been successful at this appeal stage in the past have proved themselves to be just as good as the other pupils. If they and their parents know that this school is the right one for them then that is a strong sign that they will be successful here. So do not hesitate to contact us for full details of the appeals procedure.

If you are still unsuccessful, but after a year or so at a high school you feel there could still be benefit from a grammar school education, then contact us again, and we will willingly investigate development and be pleased to welcome you if the necessary standard has been reached. Similarly if you are moving into the area we shall be happy to consider an application. At the age of 12 or later individual tests in English, Mathematics, Science and a foreign language as appropriate, together with an interview at the school, can be arranged for anyone who would like to transfer to our school.

At Sixth Form level, we welcome applications from students who have attained the necessary grades at GCSE and who want to study for A level examinations. Please ask for our Sixth Form Prospectus.
In the appendix at the back of this prospectus there is detailed information about our admissions procedures with a copy of our full Admissions Policy.