Parent Governors Alan Dowie
  Denise Hadfield
  David King
  Philip Lynes
  Ian Munford
  Keith Sansum
  Barbara Stubbs
Partnership Governors Suzanne Dawson
  Reginald Harrison
  Jim Murray (Chairman)
Teacher Governors Vincent Crofts
  Stephen Nugus
Staff Governor Marion Pardoe
LEA Governors: Robin Terry
  Ian Ward
Co-opted Governors Bryan Cope
(Vice-Chairman) Penny Thornton
Head Teacher: Julia Bell

As a Foundation (Self-Governing) School the structure resembles a public company with the Governing Board as the Board of Directors, led by the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Headteacher is the Managing Director/Chief Executive.

The Annual Report to the Parents is presented at an Annual General Meeting, termed the Annual Parentsí Meeting, which is held in October.

The seven Parent Governors elected by the parents and the five Partnership Governors are selected from candidates nominated by the parents or members of the community served by the School, so parents effectively select well over half the Board.

It will be appreciated, therefore, that in sending their son to the School, parents become important stakeholders in the community. It is hoped that many will take an interest in the affairs of the School.