Many of the skills and much of the knowledge acquired across the curriculum are brought together in order to solve problems of a realistic nature in Design and Technology. A wide range of manufacturing processes are looked at and a working knowledge of a variety of woods, metals, and plastics is gained.

Technological areas such as electronics, mechanisms, structures, CAD and graphics are all undertaken within the context of relevant and stimulating projects. Individual responsibility is developed through working on projects such as these.

Key Stage 3 introduces all the relevant skills for our GCSE options of ‘Product Design’ and ‘Graphics Products’. Each of these GCSE courses lead directly into our AS/A2 Product Design course.

The enthusiastic staff offer lunch time and after school sessions for students to discuss any aspects of the Design and Technology work.

There is also the Robot Wars Club. Another robot is currently under development for inclusion in the BBC TV show.

Mr. D. M. Crosby
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Mrs. A. Owen
Last years G.C.S.E. design models