Chairman: Christopher Knight
Secretary: Robert McKay
Treasurer: Joseph Williams
(New officers will be elected in September 2003)

The School Council is an important part of the life of the School. It offers the chance to develop leadership skills as it is designed to empower pupils, by giving them an effective voice in the overall running of the School and so ‘making a difference’. The School Council seeks to train students to use that voice in an assertive rather than an aggressive way. The current structure has been developed by students themselves to ensure that all pupils learn how to take their place as ‘active’ citizens in a modern society.

The School Council consists of an Upper and Lower Council with a separate council for Year 7 students, in order to ease their transition into the school as its future leaders. The School Council is also made up of a variety of sub-committees responsible for particular aspects of school life. One of these committees, for example, is responsible for organising the school web-site.

The heart of the School Council is the Form Council with two students currently elected to serve on the Upper, Lower and Year 7 councils. All groups within the School Council meet regularly to discuss items of interest in order to make recommendations to the Head-teacher.

Training for new council members is organised and opportunities exist for students to attend national conferences representing the interests of all students within the school.

The School Council has a significant budget and it is within the discretion of the School Council to use that money to improve life for all within the School.

An important responsibility of the School Council is fund raising. ‘Lenten Appeal’ week has been extremely successful in raising money for local, national and international charities.