The school was one of the first to enter computer education over 30 years ago, in the days of punched cards and paper tape. Since then we have kept well up to date and enjoyed excellent results at all levels.

Recently the school has equipped its third computer room, which allows a full range of courses in Computing and Information Technology to run in Key Stage 3, to GCSE and to A level as well as providing the facility for all other subjects to use a computer room when they require for multimedia, internet, etc.

In the Lower School boys are taught how to use the basic word-processing, spreadsheet and file-handling facilities offered by software packages in a Windows environment using the latest interactive software. They are also introduced to the internet.

With the emphasis always upon the application of computing skills across the curriculum, desk-top publishing is also introduced, and is then developed more fully in the production of news sheets for English and other subjects.

On the Year 9 Art and CDT courses, the boys may use computer-aided design, and in the Music Department boys are able to store sounds on floppy disk and produce computer-enhanced music.

Every member of Years 10 & 11 takes a GCSE course in Information and Communications Technology which includes a high proportion of practical work which makes considerable use of the new computer facilities.

Having been a pioneer in developing the A level Computing course, the School continues to be eminent in this field and now also offers a Vocational A Level in Information and Communications Technology. This involves advanced practical use of Microsoft Office software and introduces systems analysis and Visual Basic programming, providing an excellent introduction to the commercial use of ICT. The traditional A level looks more at the theories governing the working of computers and is a route to further study in Computer Science.

Mr. P. K. Skelton