Latin is part of the School’s mainstream curriculum. All boys in Year 7 and 8 study Latin using the first unit of the popular Cambridge Course followed by Unit 2 in the second half of Year 8.

Pupils may choose to study GCSE Latin in the Middle School. This course also follows the well developed fourth edition of the Cambridge Latin Course. Students study significant extracts of original unadapted texts of some Roman authors in Year 11, together with aspects of life in Roman times.

A small number of students choose to study AS/A2 level Latin where emphasis is placed on the development of linguistic skills and the appreciation of literature in the original language. Sizeable sections of some of the best available literature from the Roman world form the basis of the course.

Ancient History is offered at AS/A2 level. In one year the topics are from Roman History of the late republic: the Catilinarian Conspiracy, Roman History 80-44BC and Rome’s expanding provincial administration from 133-31BC. In alternate years the topics are connected to Roman Britain: Britain and the British as seen through Roman and Greek authors’ writing, Roman Britain AD 43-160 and the impact of Roman culture and civilisation on the British population AD43-410.

Students are encouraged to develop their interests and understanding through visits to archaeological sites, through access to a well-equipped subject library and research using School library and internet facilities.

The aims are to foster and develop an appreciation of both Roman life, language and literature and to offer the opportunity for students to develop skills of critical judgement, accuracy of thinking and writing.