It is the policy of the Governing Body:
- to levy the appropriate charge to parents for all board and lodging requirements on residential visits;

- to levy charges for activities wholly or mainly outside school hours where appropriate;

- to levy charges for students entering examinations where the school has not prepared students in that examination year;

- to ensure that on occasions where charges may be levied, no student is disadvantaged solely by their inability to pay;

- to leave to the Head's discretion, the proportions of the costs of an activity which can be properly charged to public or non-public funds;

- to require parents to pay for damage or loss of school property for which their children are responsible where reimbursement is appropriate;

- to charge students travel expenses for work experience;

- to request voluntary contributions from parents for school activities in school time which can only run if there is sufficient voluntary funding, whilst ensuring that no student is debarred solely by the inability or unwillingness of parents to pay;

- to continue to encourage and support the work of the Parents and Friends of the School to sustain and subsidise a wide range of school activities and the maintenance of the School Fund in its voluntary capacity;

- to submit to the Head and Chairman any issue which may require a decision over the implementation of the policy in any particular circumstance;

- to require parents to repay the entry fees for examinations where the candidate has not attended for papers, or completed essential coursework, without good cause.