The Careers Education and Guidance programme aims to help students develop the skills and confidence required to make realistic and informed decisions about their future and to help them manage the transition from one stage of their career to the next. In this way the programme helps to support the overall school policy aims of developing self-awareness and adaptability.

The school ensures that the needs of all students are met in a variety of ways :
- by providing exposure to careers work through specific timetabled lessons (via PSHE) in all year groups;
- by providing access to careers guidance interviews;
- by allowing access to the Careers Resources Room for all students throughout the school day.

Students in Key Stage 3 are helped as they begin to develop an understanding of themselves in relation to future roles and an understanding of work, training and continued education. They find out about local employment opportunities and compare how people can earn their living locally and nationally. They begin to develop the capacity to make decisions in preparation for their Key Stage 4 course choices.

During Key Stage 4 students learn about their choices beyond compulsory schooling and about transitions into the sixth form, further education, employment and training. They learn about the qualities required for team work and the place of work, training and continued education in society.

Post-16 students are helped with the development of skills required for the transition to higher education, training and employment. They are guided towards an understanding of the changing nature of careers and the concepts of lifelong career development learning.

Each student in Years 11 and 12 has a careers guidance interview with the Careers Adviser from Kent Careers Services. The Careers Adviser also attends parentsí evenings, where he is available to discuss individual studentsí needs, and runs group sessions with students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

The Careers Room is situated next to the School Library. It contains a range of literature on further and higher education, specific career areas, local and national employment trends and careers events. There is a computer running programmes with careers and further education information. A range of videos is also available for loan to students or use in group careers work.