The Aims of the School




To enable boys to grow into young men who are well qualified, confident, ambitious and perceptive and who have integrity, empathy and a sense of their responsible role in society.

Personal integrity and consideration for others

To emphasise the importance of personal integrity and of consideration for others. To engender a sense of decency, straightforwardness, common sense and loyalty, a respect for other people and an abhorrence for any form of bullying or intimidation, a sense of charitableness and neighbourliness, a recognition that telling the truth matters and a respect for other people's property.

Moral and social values

To develop spiritual and moral values, an understanding of the religions and beliefs of others, an awareness of personal and social problems and an ability to make balanced moral judgements on such issues, an understanding of the world in which we live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.

Achievement on curriculum

To encourage and to maintain a high standard of achievement in all areas of a broad and balanced curriculum based on the skills of study, observation, enquiry, logical thought, communication, numeracy, aesthetic awareness, technical competence and physical fitness and on the knowledge of human achievements and aspirations and of the physical world.

Effectiveness and adaptability

To engender the virtues of reliability, hard work, self-confidence, creativity, initiative, enterprise, whole hearted commitment to undertakings and enthusiasm for a wide variety of activities and interests. To produce the strengths of versatility and resilience to apply in any situation, the ability to use acquired knowledge and skills in changed circumstances and to work in teams of people with different skills. To provide direct contact with the local community and a chance to appreciate the practical applications of qualifications.