After joining the School a declaration of intent is to be signed by each boy, his parents and the Headteacher. Although not legally binding each will declare their determination to hold to the following which are regarded as minimum requirements for furthering successfully the education of the student. If difficulties arise then this agreement can be a starting point for discussion and further agreements.

The Student will

  • observe the Schoolís Code of Conduct and make sure that his behaviour in and out of school upholds the Schoolís good reputation;

  • attend school regularly and on time;

  • bring all the equipment he needs every day;

  • observe the Schoolís Dress Code and be tidy in appearance;

  • do all his classwork and homework to the best of his abilities;

  • keep the school free from litter.

The Parents will

  • see that their son attends school regularly, on time, and properly equipped;

  • avoid disrupting their sonís education by requesting permission to take family holidays during term time;

  • let the School know about any concerns or problems that might affect their sonís work or behaviour;

  • support the Schoolís ethos, ensuring that their son follows the Schoolís Code of Conduct and Dress Code;

  • be supportive of the School if it needs to use its sanctions to enforce its standards of behaviour with their son;

  • support their son in homework and other opportunities for home learning;

  • attend parentsí evenings and discussions about their sonís progress;

  • take an active interest in school activities and encourage their son to participate fully in school life.

The School will

  • provide a safe and secure environment that supports learning;

  • contact parents if there is a problem with attendance, punctuality or equipment;

  • let parents know about any concerns or problems that affect their sonís work or behaviour;

  • respond to any concerns that parents may raise;

  • send home reports and assessments as announced in the Student Planner;

  • set, mark, and monitor homework;

  • arrange Parentsí Evenings during which progress will be discussed;

  • keep parents informed about School activities through the First Thursday Newsletter and notices about special events.